Connect the Dots March 30, 2011

Teen model Geena Mullins wearing a white bra and thong

Let’s play a game. I want you to connect the dots on my bra and thong with a single line. Think you can do it? Click here to see if you can.

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Nice Rack March 23, 2011

Teen model Geena Mullins playing pool in a sheer bra and thong

Care to join me for a game of pool? I guarantee you’ll like my nice rack. I’ll even let you shoot first. Just ignore my bra and thong outfit. All my clothes are in the laundry! Come on and get in here and lets get this game started!

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Sweet Pleats March 9, 2011

Teen model Geena Mullins wearing a sheer top and thong in a theater

How would you like to come watch a movie with me? Do you think you would pay attention as I sat next to you in this sheer white shirt and thong? LOL. These chairs were so comfortable I would probably fall asleep. I was able to just lay about any way I pleased they were […]

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Cuddles March 2, 2011

Geena Mullins wearing a sheer teddy and thong on a bed

I love this white sheer teddy and thong. It’s so cute and mischievous. And I can’t help but hug and squeeze this big, cuddly teddy bear. I really like this update because it’s so girly-girl. I hope you like it too! Click here and let me know what you think!

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