Tied Up December 21, 2011


Happy Holiday’s everyone! As a special holiday treat for you I’ve done something a bit different for this week’s update. No, it’s not something casual. It’s something a bit more wild. First I’m wrapped up strategically with some duct tape. Luckily for you I was able to unwrap myself. But being such a naughty girl […]

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Sultry Eyes December 14, 2011


What is it about animal print that makes me wild? Who knows, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy me prowling around in this lingerie with a thong back. I prefer to slowly tempt and tease my victim with my glorious bum and heaving chest. Then I like to show them what truly awaits them by going […]

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Candy Stripes September 7, 2011


Summer is winding down so I thought I’d do a nice bikini set for you to enjoy. Oh, don’t worry, there’s more to this update than me in a bikini. How about me stripping out of my bikini first getting topless then ending up nude except for my high heels. Yeah. That’s what I thought […]

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White Bed July 27, 2011


Sometimes I just love layout about in my cool bed to unwind and enjoy a break from my hectic schedule. And they I enjoy this time the best is by taking off this tank top and lace thong, get naked, and wrap myself up in my fresh comforter. I just wish there was someone here […]

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