The Coral Room April 20, 2011

Geena Mullins wearing black lingerie and thong on a bed

Sometimes lingerie makes me giggle. I like wearing sexy things under my clothes, but then there’s stuff like this. It’s so cute, but it would be pretty uncomfortable under my clothes. That mean there’s really only one purpose for this lingerie. I wonder what that could be 😉 Hey, at least I could wear the […]

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Sitting Pretty February 16, 2011

UK teen model Geena Mullins wearing sheer lingerie and thong on a sofa

I didn’t do much sitting in this set as the title may imply. I was actually feeling a little lazy so I thought I’d lay about. For some reason I don’t think you’ll mind since I’m wearing this black, sheer lingerie. Click here to and let me know if you like me sitting or laying […]

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Teddy Bare January 26, 2011

Teen model Geena Mullins wearing sheer lingerie and thong in front of a window

Oh boy did this set cause quite the stir out on the streets. I was a little worried what would happen when I stood up in front of this big window wearing this black, sheer, teddy and thong. We had to kinda rush through the set because we didn’t want to cause a traffic jam! […]

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What’s Cooking January 19, 2011

Geena Mullins wearing sheer lingerie with a string thong

This set did give me a bit of a giggle while doing it. I have to admit I couldn’t imagine brewing up some tea in this black, sheer lingerie with a thong. Maybe one day for a special someone. Think they’d like that? But I would have to be careful. I might get burnt with […]

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Halter Skelter January 12, 2011

Teen model Geena Mullins in a black sheer teddy, thong and high heels

Hot, hot, hot. That’s what this lace teddy is. Think I should wear this out to the clubs? I bet it would turn some heads. Don’t worry, I’d wear the thong too 😉

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