a little about me

geena mullins

Height:167 cm / 5ft 6in
Weight:49 kg / 108 lbs
Bust:91.5 cm / 36DD in
Waist:63.5 cm / 25in
Hips:88.9 cm / 35in
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Dress Size:6
Shoe Size:5.0 UK /6.5 US / 38.0 Euro





Hey it’s me Geena Mullins, I grew up in Highbury, London, UK, where most of my relatives still live, I live with my mum and dad and Ronnie, an old Bassett Hound with floppy ears. My parents are my best friends they are wonderful people, I have them to thank for everything. I live near Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest; the village of Edwinstowe is truly beautiful. We also use a house in London for commuting.

I am the baby and have an older married brother who is the funniest guy in the world, a beautiful niece and sister in law. My family are very close, we are mad cockneys, (which means you were born within the sound of Bow Bells church in London; you should hear my Nanny C and Granddad Pat talk.) I adore my Aunty Sue and Uncle Graham who are very special people. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is down to earth – I love that quality about him! I couldn’t ask for any one better than my Tommy (greengiant).

My best friends are Leah, Elle, Sophie, Jess M and Kim; these 5 girls make my Nottinghamshire life what it is. But before I forget or he would go mad! This guy is the one of the bestest people I have ever met, together we are always out partying with the girls and he goes by the name of Daley. My mates would definitely describe me as a Party ANIMAL. I have to admit I love to go out and have a good time even though I am always the designated driver as I don’t like to drink! BUT we do have some amazing times. The best part is travelling all over the United Kingdom.

My passion is modeling and fashion. I studied fashion and clothing at the Lace Market New College Nottingham,  and obtained a btech merit in developing fashion ideas and understanding fashion marketing and promotion. This is what I do for a living; I work with a London based fashion distributor on the sales team.

My life has been spent largely in the UK and Romania, where most of the young fashion garments we buy in the shops are made. I spend at least a quarter of every year in Romania, Ploiesti, for 6 years seeing garments for River Island, Jane Norman, Burberrys, etc. being made. I used to hate the 6 week summer holidays being there as a child, but I now thank my mum for insisting I had Romanian lessons and learning everything about the culture.

I have visited Dracula’s castle in Bran more times than you can imagine, Snagov where Vlad Tepes (the impaler) body is buried on an island which can only be reached by a paddle boat. I can ski thanks to weekends in the mountains in Sinaia and have many friends there. Mum and Dad used to take me to Florida to stay with my nan Sheila and granddad Don twice a year. I love America and could easily live there, my favourite place being Lido beach, Sarasota where I spent many days collecting shells and sharks teeth.

I love my modeling and my new photographer is the best. He makes me feel so special. He’s a sweetie!

Fun Facts

Right-handed or left-handed?RIGHT ;DGrilled or fried?GRILLED !
Do you wear contacts/glasses?20/20 vision!!!Boxers or briefs?On a man boxers please or I would be worried hehe …on ME briefs
Tattoos?No, but I would like one if so I would have a
Morning-person or night-person?Morning&Night
Piercings?EarsPizza or pasta?DEFO pasta
Favorite food?PINEAPPLE !!Jeans or a dress?Dress
Do you drink?I have never been a drinker noAbercrombie & Fitch or The Gap?Abercrombie and Fitch
Do you smoke?When im out one or two :/ (I know naughty)Be rich or be happy?Be happy !!
Favorite school subject?ENGLISHShower or a Bath?Shower
Least favorite school subject?MATHS horrible subject ☺ I did enjoy the company though as I had all my mates inFamily or friends?Family
Favorite holiday?ChristmasKiss or hug?Kiss
Favorite season?SUMMERRRDrugs or alcohol or none?None
Favorite musical artists/bands?I LOVE ELECTRO HOUSE AND I AM A RNB SO EVERYTHING. Also some grimmee :P ! my fav artist at the min would be NICKI MINAJ and DJ CHUCKKIE AMAZING!Bright or dark room?Bright
Favorite TV shows?Im not in to tv really but if I do EASTENDERS:DChocolate or vanilla?Chocolate
Favorite movies? I do love movies I recently saw DUE DATE very funny.Dogs or cats?Dogs
Favorite sports?All sportsPepsi or Coke?Coke
Favorite sports teams?NoneMcDonalds or Burger King?McDonalds!
Any pets?I have a nutcase of a dog called ‘ronnie’ his breed is a basset houndCappuccino or coffee?NONE, ENGLISH TEA :)!
Favorite color?OrangeDo you like to travel by plane?I love to travel.
Favorite number?7Are you afraid of the dark?I know I’m a big girl now but I am scared, yes.
Favorite flower?RED ROSES !3 things you can’t live without?FAMILY, FRIENDS, LAUGHTER
How big is your bed?QueenWhat did you want to be when you were child?I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a little girl I have nearly fulfilled my dream